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October 11, 2011

Take time to relax in your garden

-by Debra Anchors
I’m a bundle of energy in the spring. Pure excitement drives me through the planting season, but the summer heat and volume of garden work take their toll on my energy. Fall all too soon arrives, with it’s own list of garden tasks. It’s long been said, “Getting there is half the fun.”  When I get there, I’d like to sit down.

It’s always best to sit down with a friend, since I’m not good at doing it alone. If I’m by myself, it’s only a few minutes before I notice that a plant near me needs to be watered or deadheaded. Gardening is about details and it seems that hundreds of them interfere with my ability to relax. I can only turn my attention to enjoying the garden when friends gather there with me.

I can imagine whiling away the hours in one of those hammocks that seem so inviting in garden magazines.  It would beckon me to sink into it, put my feet up and think nothing but restful thoughts. I’d feel the breeze on my face, reflect on the patterns of light filtering though the leaves above me and observe the birds as they go about their work. I would feel thankful for my garden and begin to organize tasks that need to be done. I’d think about the young perennials I planted yesterday and wonder if they need water. I’d remind myself to remember to refill the birdbaths when I get up. I’d keep an eye on the clouds to see if I need to close the windows. And, did I replace the lid on the rain barrel?  I’d be up and out of that hammock in no time.

I am always the most relaxed while within my garden – fussing.  Perhaps a hammock isn't meant for me.

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  1. I'm with you 100% on this. It's not possible, although I find it easier to just sit back and relax if my hands are otherwise occupied .. such as by holding a cocktail :)

    1. Agreed, Erin :-D
      What is your cocktail of choice?


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