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My Gardens

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Fairy Tori

Garden Cottage, Potting Shed & Play House

Cotton Candy Bridge

Vintage Laundry Garden

Iris at Sunrise
Garden Frolic
South Garden
Asiatic Lily

'The Fairy' Rose and Lavender 
Wild Bird Plantation
East Garden Vignette 
Hydrangea Endless Summer
Antique Climbing Rose - Late 1800's

DIY Solar Chandelier

South Garden Path

Fairies in Residence

The Boardwalk
The 'Pool House'   

Rescued Garden Bench

Sunrise Garden
Shasta Daisy

Robin Hood Shrub Rose
Buddleia davidii,  White Profusion
Butterfly Bush
Red Admiral Butterfly
Baptisia False Indigo 
Hydrangea Pinky Winky

Althea - Pink
Althea - Blue
Althea - White
Hibiscus - Pink

Hibiscus - Kopper King


  1. I'm glad I found your second message to me, because I had come back to find these photos, but thought the link was in your sidebar. When you mentioned it was a tab, I realized it may be at the top.

    I love your flowers, art, water, sheds, and even the little child enjoying the outdoors!

    1. Thank you Sue - the little one having fun on the paths is my grandson.

  2. Your garden look so beautiful.
    Are they anyway able to survive in a tropical region?

  3. Thank you very much for your kind words, James. I do know that Hibiscus is a tropical plant. The ones I have were bred to be hardy in Michigan USA, some of them reaching 5-6 feet tall (150-180 cm). Plants in our garden are hardy to a temperature of -15F degrees (-26C).

    Would all of our plants survive in the tropics? I think most would; especially if provided with enough water. It wouldn't hurt to try to grow a few of them but I am certain you can grow a variety of hibiscus in Malaysia; it is a beautiful plant. ~Debra

  4. colorfull garden, i loves the iris, the color so attractive

  5. I can't believe your kids are lucky enough to have a purple play house!

  6. I enjoyed strolling through your garden! Wish I could borrow your creativity for this place!

  7. Thank you, Sheila! I do enjoy gardening. I hope you will follow me either here or on Facebook -

    Feel free to follow along and copy any idea you'd like! ~Debra

  8. What beautiful gardens you have. I would like to point out that on the photo of the Buddleia davidii, White Profusion Butterfly Bush, the butterfly is a Red Admiral and not a Monarch Butterfly.

    1. Hi there! Thanks so much caring enough to make a comment and include a correction. You are, of course, correct - I will make that change to the picture immediately.

      Please stop by the gardens again soon! ~Debra

  9. Fun touring your garden. I love all the garden whimsy. I do a series of secret private gardens, I am the Miami Garden Reporter for Too bad you are far away or I would feature you! Thank you for sharing.

    1. Well Robert, thank you very much for stopping by and for leaving a very nice compliment. If you eventually decide to highlight a garden in a the colder USDA Zone 6A, please feel free to contact me.

      Thanks again! -Debra

  10. Lovely Gardens, beautiful flowers, nice Lavender. Looks a lot like our Gardens in western Pennsylvania. This list shows some pics of Herbs in our Gardens:

  11. Lovely garden. Lots of colors, textures, etc. A wonderful escape. Do you offer seeds or plants from your garden?

    1. Thank you for your kind compliment, AllDJs. Yes; I often share from my gardens.

  12. Debra, it turns out we are both Grand Rapids gardeners. I found you via Blotanical. You can visit my garden at .

  13. WOW! What beautiful crafts and flowers! I'm so glad I found you blog! I love creating new things and gardening too!

  14. Just found your beautiful gardens via Pinterest..Your style of gardening is right up my alley! I love whimsey. We live in a gated, Sr. citizens community where there are no fencing allowed and all lawns are considered "common ground" Lots of rules/regs but it is done for a reason, to keep our community of over 8500 residents beautiful and it is like that all the time. I wouldn't be able to copy anything like yours..we are only allowed to have foundation flowerbeds..Do you know how boring they can be? I love the statue with the fairy reading a book..what type of plant is she living in? Evidently a great ground cover..what is the fairy made from? I have a lot of concrete garden statues and my favorite is a peasant woman watering the flowers. They are all too heavy to move around from place to place..Wonder where I could find a garden fairy like yours?

    1. Hello Pippi - I don't know if my heart could stand being away from creative gardening, and relegated to only foundation beds :( Do you have someone in your life you could "help" garden? At least you would have an outlet then.

      I wish I could refer you to a retailer selling the fairy I have, but I have never seen another one. Thank you, I love her too. 'Tori' is made of resin, and so I store her away during our harsh Midwest winters. She is relaxing in a creeping ground cover named "Sedum Acre", that is hardy in USDA Zones 4-9.

      I'm so happy you stopped in for a chat. Please come back to visit again, soon. -Debra

  15. I thought that might be "Sedum Acre" but wasn't certain. We used to have that at our previous home where we lived 27 years..I paired it with deep purple petunias, red geraniums each year right next to our screened in porch, deck. We had a pink dogwood in the middle of that bed too. I'll have to think about some more of that in 2015.


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