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October 13, 2015

Create a birdseed wreath - Recipe and instructions

by Debra Anchors

Image - Cherry Hill Cottage
Feed wild birds to add beauty and music to your yard. You can simply hang a bird feeder and watch the ensuing feast, or create a few of these and watch your guests linger a little bit longer!


1 envelope of plain gelatin
1/2-cup warm water
3 Tbsp light corn syrup
3/4-cup flour
4 cups wild birdseed
Non-stick olive oil spray

You will also need:

Bundt or ring pan
Large spoon 
Wide ribbon or fabric remnant
Hook or metal ring (for hanging your wreath)

Image: Pacific Northwest Birds


Use the non-stick spray to coat the inside of your bundt pan.

In a large bowl, stir together the gelatin, warm water, corn syrup and flour until it becomes a paste.

Pour all of the seed into the paste and mix well. Be sure it is very well combined. Spoon small amounts of your mixture into the bundt pan, pressing firmly as you fill. Leave the mixture in the pan until it is dry (48 hours).

Turn the pan upside down onto a drying rack. If needed, depending on the humidity level in your area, leave your wreath untouched until it is completely dry (another 8 hours).

Use a fabric ribbon to hang your new wreath. String or rope will cut and break the wreath.

Heart - Jeanne Sammons
Texas Homemaking


- Involve children in your project!
- Add dried mealworms or other songbird favorites to your recipe
- Freeze your wreath in a freezer bag until needed
- Use this recipe to fill and hang pine cones
- Use smaller molds to create birdseed ornaments as gifts for your friends or for your child’s teacher (twine will work to hang smaller, less heavy molds).
- A small birdseed ornament is a great wedding reception favor for guests to take home
- Customize a birdseed wreath for a special occasion by using molds in shapes. Use a drinking glass, a small can, or other round object to create a void for the ribbon. 

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