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September 14, 2015

Fall blooming flowers and plants

by Debra Anchors

Never settle for a boring autumn garden! Whether transplanted into your garden beds or positioned in decorative pots at your door, a dull and uninspired fall display is very easily avoided.

The selection of cool-season, blooming annuals that you can plant in September and October is practically limitless. Visit your favorite garden center to find immediate and beautiful autumn blooms for your garden.  Here is a list of just a few suggestions.  Please share your favorite fall bloomers with our novice gardeners in the comments. We can all use some variety!

Geranium colors include pink, blue, white, and purple. Most geraniums bloom in midsummer, although some species will bloom in spring and fall.

Mums are the royalty of the fall garden and a sure sign that summer is breathing its final breath of the year.

Violas can tolerate some freezing temperatures, so are a very good choice for adding autumn color to your garden.

Pansies are hardy annuals with flowering ‘faces’. They offer colorful perfect in your garden in early spring and fall. Pansies are available in wide color choice. This is the perfect plant to pair with violas.

Ornamental Kale is available in purple and in white. This variety of kale is bred as a decorative plant, and although it is edible, it doesn’t taste as good as kale grown for food.

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