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May 27, 2014

Urban garden ideas

by Debra Anchors

What can you do with a city yard so compact you can reach out and touch your neighbors? How about borders thick with irresistible roses and flowering perennials? Why not consider a deck, perfect for living in the garden and watching the world go by? What about a pond large enough for a growing family of goldfish as well as plenty of aquatic plants?

I like to take full advantage of what I have available. Outbuildings, fences, walls, and gates - All of these provide structure and opportunities for growing vines and climbers.

Architectural plants. Shrubs, small trees, and evergreen perennials can become year-round focal points.

Light up the night! I enjoy dressing my garden for nighttime. Create your own solar chandelier for pennies.  
And, why not use rope lights year-round? Although there is a multitude of colors to choose from, I chose to install cool-white LED rope lights to illuminate our way on the stairs of our deck. I was careful to choose lights appropriate for outdoors and capable of handling the below-zero temperatures of a Midwest USA winter. It can be difficult to find rope lights (unless it is the Christmas season), but I was able to find some affordable lights online at The LA Shop; and I am extremely happy with them. There is an opportunity every 3 feet to cut the rope lights to size, the lights bend easily around deck corners, and the energy-saving LED bulbs are brighter, and last longer, than incandescent string-lights.

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* I received the LED rope lights free from The LA Shop in return for sharing my honest opinion with readers.