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October 7, 2011

Fall is coming! Fall is coming!

- by Debra Anchors

Fall is here! 

Autumn in Michigan - Tahquamenon Falls
No need to be bothered if your garden has been planned for satisfaction in all seasons - well, unless you relax now and let those cunning weeds go to seed and demolish your landscape. No, Autumn doesn't define the ultimate end to the season and some gardeners even feel blissful about the arrival of a more calm and reflective time when less evident landscape celebrities can take a staring role.

Peak dividing and planting time is upon us; an occasion to add some fall and winter plants to the garden. Now is a good time to buy perennials and small shrubs to fill-in and beautify bare spots in your beds. Your friends and family may need a new home for mature plants that need dividing.  And, fall is a great time to find end-of-the-season bargains at garden centers.

As the summer season comes to an end, take notes of what worked in your garden this year and what didn't. Mark areas that would have been easier to maintain with a weed-smothering ground cover in place, or areas where more bulbs might fit. I have already taken a walk through my gardens and have identified a few shrubs whose days are numbered; they just don’t offer enough bang for the buck. I don’t have acres of property to devote to gardens; plants must pull their weight to keep their spot!

If you need a lesson in about how to plant a shrub in your landscape, this video will be helpful.

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