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October 5, 2011

Decorative Fall Garden Fixes

- by Debra Anchors

Coneflower and Black-Eyed Susan
Throughout the fall growing season, bare spaces tend to crop up in our gardens. Some perennials may not have grown as large as we expected or plants just couldn't survive the scorching summer heat.

For some vacant garden spaces, a temporary stand-in such as a potted annual may be all you need for the remainder of the growing season. A transitory filler will allow you to take your time deciding which late-summer bloomer you would like to plant in that unoccupied space for your enjoyment in next year's autumn garden.

Or, take advantage of garden center clearance sales this time of year instead of putting off the decision of a permanent solution - save money next spring by picking up a great perennial or two on sale in Autumn.

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