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October 6, 2011

Decorative Fall Garden Fixes; Part 2

- by Debra Anchors
Fall is a great time to assess your autumn backdrop to determine where to add new foliage next season and offer some autumn color.  Mums, salvias, asters and a few sedums (including the admired 'Autumn Joy' with its eye-catching flowers) are good choices for enduring color at this time of year.  Helen's Flower (Helenium) with its fall hues of oranges, yellows and reds are a fine option, too.

Gazing globes, bird baths, stepping stones, shepard’s hooks and decorative solar lights help shape a garden's space and are the ideal solution for those bare spaces revealing themselves as some plants begin their dormancy in the fall. Beautiful items add personality to a garden and are limited only to a gardener’s imagination. Non-plant items can harmonize with almost any garden style. Just remember to remove your piece before winter if it’s vulnerable to freezing temperatures.

Offer your informal or country-style space some whimsy with interesting scarecrows or artistic animal shapes made of stoneware or metal. Find unique objects around the house like crocks or eclectic signs to add some originality to your autumn garden. You might also consider placing a vignette of watering cans or birdhouses to fill an empty space and add interest to your garden.

Elegant fountains, old statuary, rustic columns, sundials, stone benches, and urns can add a touch of sophistication to a formal garden space.

Scour resale shops, garage sales and clearance sales at your favorite garden center during this time of year and let your imaginative 'gardeners eye' run wild!

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