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October 18, 2011

Leaf Peeping At Its Best!

- by Debra Anchors

Tahquamenon Falls - Michigan
Cider and doughnuts. Pumpkins. Scarecrows. Lightweight jackets. Bonfires.

Does the brisk, chilly air of autumn remind you that summer has said good-bye? Does the onset of fall color stimulate the leaf-peeper in you? Don't delay an instant longer. Go for a drive before all of the leaves have drifted to the ground.

Michigan is leaf-peeper heaven when the annual blaze of color appears over every inch of the State. Breathtaking color paints the Michigan landscape and reflects on the many lakes that we have been blessed with. As the wind blows gently, the leaves rustle and dance on the breeze and then slowly drift to the ground. 

Color tours are a favorite pastime during Michigan autumn. The show is amazing! This is your once-a-year chance to witness the magic and take in the beauty – don’t miss it! 

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