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April 23, 2012

Planting bulbs in layers

-by Debra Anchors

Layered bulb garden
When it comes to flower bulbs, more is definitely better.  Mass plantings of individual cultivars serve as banners for spring, while groups of three or four bulbs often look like mere punctuation.  For even more impact, distribute your bulbs in layers, like lasagna. “Double-decker” planting is really quite simple.  Plant a layer of early-blooming, tall-growing bulbs eight inches deep (tulips, for example), cover with three inches of soil, and then add a layer of low-growing early bulbs (such as crocus) and cover with another five inches of soil.  Top-dress with an inch of mulch and water well.  Double-decker beds can become triple-decker ones with the addition of snowdrops or glory of the snow three inches from the surface.  Or, substitute hardy biennials such as English daisies, pansies, or forget-me-nots for the lower-growing bulbs.

The key to successful blooming partnerships is timing – Early bloomers should be teamed up, as should mid-season and late-blooming cultivars.  Dynamic contrasting combinations are made easy with help from a color wheel, available at art supply stores.

 Read more about planting and caring for bulbs here.

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  1. Gorgeous. I have a Tuesday event for gardeners to gather together. Join us!

  2. Thank you, Val! How do I find your event?

  3. Debra, I'm at the first time in your blog. I loved it.Your bulbs are beautiful, mine crocuses started to bloom too.
    Saint Petersburg, zone 5a.

    1. Thank you! Where is Saint Petersburg? You must be in a "northern" St.Petersburg to be zone 5a.


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