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April 2, 2012

Plant a Mood Garden – a color for every mood

-by Debra Anchors

A walk in the garden or park can help us forget our troubles; a bouquet of flowers puts a smile on our face. Quite simply, flowers make us happy.  Research proves nature can improve our emotional and physical health.

When planning your garden, remember that your color choices can influence your mood and even impact your health.  The invisible vibrations of color produce different emotional responses in us – some are stimulating, others relaxing. Here’s a list of our typical reactions to common hues. You can decide what’s best for you, but color therapists suggest that it’s important to include a balance of colors in the garden; if you focus on one particular color, include a smaller amount of its complement as well.

Robin Hood Hedge Rose
Red:  Acts as an energizer, keeping you alert and helping you cope with life’s demands.

Pincushion Flower
Orange:  Warm and welcoming, it promotes a sense of well-being and helps combat depression.

Four O'Clock
Yellow:  An inspirational hue, yellow encourages feelings of self-worth and optimism.

Wandering Jew
Green:  It brings a sense of peace and balance and encourages meditation as well as hope.

Blue:  Extremely calming, blue combats nervousness and reduces blood pressure.

Violet:  A spiritual color, violet can calm jittery nerves and bring feelings of self-worth.

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  1. I totally agree! I've always thought about what I needed my garden to give me emotionally before I designed any of the plantings. Some of my shady beds are various shades of green which are calming after a long day while other areas are hot spots of color. No matter how fabulous the design, if your garden doesn't satisfy you emotionally, you'll always find fault with it. :o)

  2. Your so right on with the garden colors, I feel so peaceful when Im in the garden surrounded by the colors and smells!

  3. Hi :D Bright Colors In gardens Are like a Big Happy Face Smiling at you Even when it is raining :D
    Sincerely, Kula May :D


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