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February 25, 2013

Make gardening barrier-free

by Debra Anchors

The Enabling Garden at The Garden Club of America
When we garden, time stands still; cares and woes simply fall by the wayside.  This is why, as we age or confront physical challenges, it’s good to garden more, not less.  An aspiring gardener can learn how a flower bed can be adapted to a gardener’s needs rather than the other way around.  Make use of raised beds, hanging baskets and containers of all sizes to make this cherished pastime accessible to all.

Construct raised beds to elevate the soil level to a comfortable working height.  Tall containers also reduce the need to bend and stoop.

Attach pulleys to all of your hanging baskets so plants can be raised and lowered for easy maintenance.

Use soaker hoses (buried just below the soil level) to take the work out of watering.

Stop picking up after yourself.  Leave frequently used tools in designated spots right in the garden to save steps to the shed or garage.

Choose low-maintenance plants. Plant dwarf and slow-growing trees and shrubs, and noninvasive perennials such as cranesbill, bleeding heart and daylilies.

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  1. Good ideas, particularly like the hanging basket on a pulley suggestion. Better than standing on a stool!

    Gaz Alternative Eden

  2. Excellent job! I just wrote one a little more comprehensive on what makes a garden accessible, but this is fantastic and covers a lot of good points! Great job with using the right language too! I will be sure to share! I'm always suggesting these ideas on my page, Access to the Garden and on my Pinterest boards.

  3. Great message.
    Love the idea that we should be gardening MORE as we get older ... not less.


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