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December 18, 2012

Salad Burnet - an evergreen herb

- by Debra Anchors

Salad burnet
-Image from
UBC Botanical Garden
The herb, salad burnet, traveled to America with the Pilgrims and has provided us with wintertime greens ever since.

Plant this herb beside your back door so you can enjoy its cucumber-like taste year-round; the herb is hardy in USDA zone 3.  Use the ferny leaves on a sandwich in place of lettuce, mix them with other salad greens, steep them in white-wine vinegar, or bruise them and add them to a wine spritzer.

John Gerard, an herbalist in the sixteenth-century, suggested salad burnet as, “pleasant to be eaten in salads, in which it is thought to make the heart merry and glad, as also being put into wine, to which it yeeldeth a certain grace in the drinking”.

Salad burnet is indigenous to Europe, Africa, and Western Asia; it has made itself at home throughout most of North America.  Salad burnet can be invasive, so be certain to employ a method to control its wandering habit.

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