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July 1, 2012

Attract wildlife with a bird bath

-by Debra Anchors

Photo: Johnson's Nursery Inc.
Birds are fascinated by water.  They’ll come to a fountain or pool and hop around the edge, staring and exploring, occasionally bending down for a quick sip.

Birds also love to dip and splash, but are fussy about where they bathe.  From their point of view, the ideal bird bath is in a cat-free neighborhood, close to brushy shrubs where they can hide if they’re disturbed and feel protected as they dry. If you’ve put out a birdbath that goes unused, try moving it.  When it’s in a suitable location, birds will find it soon and return regularly.

In hot weather, birds bathe daily, and you’ll have to refill the bath every morning or evening.  The water should be shallow – one to two inches is deep enough, and the bottom should provide good traction.  If you have a birdbath that’s slick inside, spread a layer of gravel in the bottom.   In cold climates, a birdbath with a built-in heating element will keep the birds happy all winter.

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  1. I love the plug for our little feathered friends. I spend a lot of time in the garden especially by the pond. The birds love the waterfall and get right down to it when it's bath time. Some times I think they need a referee but they always make me laugh.

    I really like when others are looking out for our feathered friends. Nice article

  2. Thank you for nice article. I love seeing birds in my bird bath daily. Honeyeaters and blackbirds.


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