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February 4, 2012

The Versatile Blogger Award | Gardens Inspired

-by Debra Anchors

Sincere gratitude is being expressed to Michelle Potter of The Sage Butterfly. Michelle is a talented writer, Master Gardener, and the author of The Complete SAVing Source Catalog: A Guide to Saving the Earth and Money. 

Michelle was kind enough to nominate this Blog, Gardens Inspired for The Versatile Blogger Award in January, 2012. The Sage Butterfly is, and has been, on my list of recommended reads. Please treat yourself to discovering the talent of Michelle Potter.

 Thank you very much for honoring me, Michelle.
There are many blogs I enjoy reading on a regular basis. I would like to recommend the sites below for your reading pleasure and am also very pleased to nominate the following excellent blogs for The Versatile Blogger Award:

Black Walnut Dispatch - Mary lives and gardens in Burke, Virginia.  
One of my favorite posts by Mary:  Better Homes and Gardens Than Yours 

Casa Mariposa - The author's current garden is in a suburb near Washington DC.
One of my favorite posts by this author:  Downward Dogwood aka The Borer War 

Casinha Bonitinha (Cute Little House) - Flavinha Gomes is a teacher and is "crazy for cute houses".  One of my favorite posts by Flavinha:  Loucura por jardins (Madness by gardens)  Note: You will need an online translation tool to reference this enjoyable blog; it is written in Portuguese.  

Children of the Corm - Jess gardens in Charleston, South Carolina.
One of my favorite posts by Jess:  Love & Hate Relationship With The White Garden 

Conrad Art Glass & Gardens - Larry gardens on two acres in Wisconsin.
One of my favorite posts by Larry:  A change in the vision?

Hayfield - A Pennsylvania Plant Geek’s Garden - Nancy gardens in Bucks County, Pennsylvania 
One of my favorite posts by Nancy:  About the Alpacas

Jean’s Garden - Jean gardens primarily in East Poland, Maine but also has a small garden in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.One of my favorite posts by Jean:  Garden Blogs of the Month: January 2012  

May Dreams Gardens - Carol gardens in Indiana.
One of my favorite posts by Carol:  The Five Secrets to Achieving Happiness In Your Garden   

Pat and Jim's Gardening Adventure - Pat and Jim garden in Strongsville, Ohio.
One of my favorite posts by the authors:  Went to the food show, got some yard art    

Roses and Other Gardening Joys - HolleyGarden has a  garden full of roses and companion plantings in Texas. One of my favorite posts by HolleyGarden:  My Favorite 12  

Stone Art - Sunny Wieler is a landscaper, stonemasion and artist living in Ireland.
One of my favorite posts by Sunny:  Once upon a fairytale garden

The Amateur Weeder - Lyn gardens in Bathurst, NSW, Australia
One of my favorite posts by Lyn:  Something Borrowed makes me Blue

The Gardening Blog - Barbie and Christine are "life-long friends with two very different gardens" in Cape Town, South Africa.  Favorite posts written by these authors:  Ghost Mantis in my garden by Barbie and Gardenias 101 by Christine

Welsh Hills Again - Elizabeth lives in a sixteenth century farmhouse looking out over a beautiful valley in North Wales.  One of my favorite posts by Elizabeth:  Doors 

Women Who Run With Delphiniums - Linnie is an author who "also (must) garden".  One of my favorite posts by Linnie:  Water water everywhere       

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~

As suggested in the rules of The Versatile Blogger Award, offered here are a few notes about me ~

  • I was born in Detroit, Michigan
  • I am a trained crisis counselor
  • I played a clarinet for 7 years
  • I have been an award-winning baton twirler
  • I retired as a graphic project manager from a Fortune-500 company
  • I was a trainer and public speaker for 10 years
  • I am proud of my Irish and Scottish heritage

Thank you, again, Michelle. And thanks to you too, for stopping by.  

Until we meet again ~

Leave a legacy, but garden like you’ll live forever! 


  1. You are welcome and you deserve it! It must be very interesting to be a crisis-intervention counselor. Many must seek out your assistance. These days it seems that is a specialty that is in demand. There are a few blogs on your list with which I am not familiar. It will be fun getting to know them. Have a good weekend!

  2. Thanks. What started out as a ed-tech project, has turned into membership in a very cool community.

  3. Well done on your award. It's always nice when other people like what you do.

  4. Congratulations to you! I loved reading the facts about you - I'm a baton twirler too! (Well, I used to be.) I want to thank you for nominating me. I do appreciate it. However, I have already received the award, and passed it on, so I will have to decline accepting it again. You have named a few new-to-me blogs that I look forward to checking out. I love how you've picked out a favorite post. Even with the blogs I know, I'll have to go back and re-read their chosen post.

  5. Thanks a bunch!!! Congrats on the award, too!! There is no possible way I could have ever twirled a baton without every one around me wearing safety glasses and helmets, purely out of self defense. I will definitely check out the blogs you mentioned. Several are new to me. :o) My dogwood is chugging along and the advice to paint the pesticide onto the trunk was brilliant. It killed the borers w/o doing any residual damage to the surrounding garden. It still has tiny leaves on one side and big leaves on the other so I think I'm going to call the arborist again.

  6. Thanks so much for the nomination! It is wonderful to be one of your favorites. :) Just so you know Charleston is actually in South Carolina! (we Carolinians get confused often though, but we still don't want to claim each other, haha).

    I played in the orchestra too :), french horn. I love these posts where you learn something about your garden blogging friends.

    1. Oh, Jess, OF COURSE Charleston is in South Carolina! My apologies to you for my error (I really do know better). I made the correction in the post and appreciate you letting me know about it. Thank you.

  7. Thank you for nominating me, Debra! And congratulations on your award, which is well-deserved. I always enjoy your blog, and often learn from it, too.

  8. Congratulations on the award! I used to play the clarinet in school too. (Badly, I might add.) I love music but have no gift for it.

  9. Dear Debra,
    Thank you so much for putting my blog in your list! It is an honor. I'm also pleased to see that you have crisis counseling training in case I need help during my next crisis. (They come along about every Wednesday or so in my life...) You have done so many amazing things. I had a baton when I was maybe 8 but I mostly chased my brother with it...I enjoyed learning about you here and will visit some of your other recommended blogs too! Thank you again. xo Linnie


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